Pet Management Tools

Utilizing the Buzz Custom Dog and Cat Modules, your team will be able to manage your pets more efficiently than ever before. With access to over 300 separate data fields, reporting is a breeze. Gone are the days of not knowing where the animals are. Easily post an animal to the site and manage everything about it in the backend.

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Add a new dog to your website in under two minutes using the Buzz Dog & Cat Modules. Each dog and cat has a unique record with over 300 data fields.

Public Facing Website Details:

  • Short & Long Dog Description
  • Images and Video
  • Physical Characteristics Including: Breed(s), Color(s), Age & Gender
  • Likes (Kids, Dogs, Cats, Small Animals, Livestock)
  • Training Level
  • State
  • Special Needs
  • Show if the Dog or Cat is Bonded with another Dog (Cat)


Adding new dogs and cats to your website is easy and streamlined with our specialty built interface. Each dog and cat has a unique card with descriptions that are simply selected from pull down menus and use intuitive typing designed to save you time.

  • Add info about the dog or cat prior to entering the rescue.
  • Note the arrival method: Owner Surrender, Shelter Surrender, Other Rescue, Breeder, Pet Store, Stray. Integrates seamlessly with the Buzz Surrender Form.
  • Link Adopters and Fosters to each dog or cat in real time, so you always know exactly where the pet is living.
  • Unsuccessful Adoption? Return pet to rescue with two clicks.
  • Move dogs and cats between Fosters in three clicks.
Marker 1

Show Adopter's Info. Notes Team Member and Date Adoption Occurred.

Marker 2

Show Foster's Info. Notes Team Member & Date Foster Occurred.

Marker 3

One click "Return to Rescue"


As you learn about the dog, show his likes and dislikes


Show dog's temperament in different situations


Update the dog's profile as the dog learns training. 


  • Routine: List the food, sleeping habits and other information critical to a dog or cat when he gets Adopted or Fostered out.
  • Disposition: As you get to know the pet's personality, likes and dislikes, your team can easily enter the information. This information can be used later to make better Adoption and Foster matches.
  • Medical: Enter MicroChip information, Spay/Neuter information, past and present medical conditions, past and present dental conditions, allergies, medications and vaccination history for each dog or cat.
  • Documents: Seamless integration with Google Drive allows your team to upload and attach any document of any size to the pet's record.
  • Notes: Keep a history of internal communication within each pet's record. No more hunting through cluttered inboxes