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Your organization depends on People.
Whether Adopters, Fosters or Volunteers, our platform will easily accept applications for all three groups. We don't stop when the application is submitted. The Buzz Platform provides a comprehensive approval process including an automated eMail sending system.

Buzz Adoption Module

Built in consultation with Rescues of all sizes, the Buzz Adoption Module includes a fully integrated four-step approval process: Initial, Home Visit, Final & Dog/Cat Adoptions. The application includes the applicant, other members of the household, the house & yard, care of the pet and preferences.

  • Online Applications: Simple & Straightforward. Easy for your potential adopters to fill out on their computer, tablet or phone. Applications can be submitted wherever there is an internet connection - even at Adoption Events!
  • Home Visit Notes: Added while your team is at the potential adopter's house easily via phone or tablet.
  • Approve Applications Online:  No more lost paper applications nor trying to remember if an adopter is approved.
  • Relate Pets & Their Peeps: Link people to dogs and cats and track which pets have which people!
  • Run Reports: Comprehensive access to all data fields
  • Documents: As with the pet records, each Adoption Record is integrated with it's own document folder on your Google Drive

Buzz Foster Module

At Buzz, we understand Fosters are the key to all home-based Rescues. With that in mind, the Buzz Foster Module allows your rescue to simply and comprehensively walk your Fosters through the application and approval process.

  • Online Application: As with all Buzz applications, the Foster Application can be easily filled out on any device: computer, tablet or phone.
  • Approval Process: A three step process including a Home Visit is baked into the platform.
  • Where Is the Dog? Move pets between homes in three clicks. Always know exactly where each dog is.
  • Run Reports: Run granular reports to ensure you can find the perfect temporary home for each pet.

Buzz Volunteer Module

Recruit new Volunteers through the Buzz Volunteer Module with ease. The comprehensive application by Buzz allows you and your team to match Volunteers with the needs of your rescue.

  • Get Some History on Your Volunteers: Have they had pets or Volunteered in the past? With the Buzz Application, you will know.
  • Volunteers for Pets: Get help with Walking, Training, Socialization, Grooming and more
  • Volunteers for People: Get help with Applicant Screening, Home Visits, and organizing.
  • Volunteers for Fundraising & Community Involvement: Involve people in everything from Grantwriting to Adoption Events, Website Updating and more.